How does a case proceed in the Polish inheritance court?

How does a case proceed in the Polish inheritance court?

In the course of the proceedings within the framework of the declaration of the acquisition of the inheritance in Poland, the first relatively obvious question to be decided by the Polish court will be:

– the fact and

– the date of death of the testator,

– as well as the last place of residence.

Secondly, the Polish inheritance court will determine the circle of persons designated to inherit under the Polish law of succession and their addresses.

All these persons must be duly informed of the ongoing proceedings and should have the right to present their views at the hearing.

During the proceedings, it must also be established whether the deceased left a will or testament. The court will seek to determine the contents of any existing wills. It is important to know that the participants in the proceedings may challenge the validity of the testator’s last will.

In these proceedings, the Polish inheritance court will not examine the composition of the estate.

In this procedure, the Polish inheritance court establishes the rules of inheritance, not who inherits the individual items of inheritance.

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