How to calculate the value of the estate?

How to calculate the value of the estate in Poland?

It is important to calculate the value of the inherited estate properly. This information is crucial not only for ourselves but also for the correct declaration of the inheritance to the tax office in Poland and also to sue the heir for a reserved share. You should know the value of the inheritance.

The value of the inheritance consists of both assets and liabilities.

The debts of your deceased loved one can be verified by a Polish bailiff, in Polish this public officer is called “komornik sądowy”.

In Poland, there is a special procedure of preparing an inventory, in Polish so-called “spis inwentarza”. The Polish bailiff – who is a state official – searches for the inheritance left by the testator. All the property, including its liabilities and assets, is recorded in a document called an inventory. This document has the force of an official state document. The cost of the bailiff is usually about 3,000 zlotys. It depends on the size of the inheritance. As part of the inventory, the bailiff is required to estimate the value of each item of the inheritance (each apartment). The bailiff reveals all bank accounts of the deceased;

The heir is only responsible for the inheritance debts established by the bailiff. The heir is not responsible for the debts that the bailiff did not establish.

In addition, the valuation of a property by a bailiff, for example, is a reliable basis for determining its value in front of the other heirs, as well as for the purpose of selling the property on the open market.

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