How to check if the Polish testator had debts?

How to check if the Polish testator had debts?

Have you learned that a relative left you an inheritance in Poland? You do not really know what is included in this inheritance? Usually, when we get an inheritance, we think that we will get a lot out of it. However, it can be the opposite. How do you find out if the testator was in debt?

Most of the time, it is about debts related to loans and credits. In addition, we can also get an apartment in debt, with unpaid rent and other bills. Of course, the issue is also complicated when the testator had his own business.

If no one in the family knows whether the testator was in debt, or if we cannot find documents that can confirm it, we have to take other methods. Polish registrars such as BIK, BIG, ERIF and KRD can help you. Unfortunately, not all databases are able to provide us with all “debt information”.

In order to verify whether the deceased from Poland had any debts, we can also file an application to the probate court to create an inventory of the testator. The procedure is carried out by a bailiff whose task is to find and estimate the composition value of the inheritance.

The result of the procedure will allow us to determine whether the testator had any debts, and thus we can easily decide whether we want to accept the inheritance or not – reject the inheritance.

Our law firm is specialized in inheritance cases and can speed up the case as much as possible thanks to its experience in cooperating with the authorities and working with interpreters and bailiffs. The cost of legal advice in such a case starts at 200 euros.

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