How much time do I have to renounce an inheritance in Poland?

How much time do I have to renounce a Polish inheritance?

Have you received information about the death of your loved one from Poland? Do you not want to become his heir? Do you want to reject an inheritance?

First of all, you need to make sure that the rejection period has not expired. The rejection period in Poland is 6 months and counts from the discovery of your loved one’s death. Remember that this term does not count from the death of your loved one. As mentioned above, the term only counts from the moment of the discovery of his or her death. It is quite normal that you have not maintained contact with your loved one.

If you are sure that the term for renouncing the inheritance has not expired, you can make a statement before a Polish notary or a Polish court regarding the rejection of the inheritance. Do not wait too long to submit this declaration. The deadline cannot be extended or reinstated. If you miss the deadline, you will inherit the estate and there will be no way to withdraw from it.

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