What is an inheritance agreement?

What is an inheritance agreement?

An inheritance agreement in Poland is an agreement between the future Polish testator and a person belonging to the circle of his or her legal heirs and has as its object the future inheritance.

The current inheritance regulations do not provide for the possibility of renouncing or participating in an inheritance in favor of another heir. The heir can reject the refusal and only within 6 months after the awareness of the death of the testator.

Therefore, the unilateral declaration of renunciation of the heir’s estate has no legal significance.

The heir by law can renounce the inheritance only by a notarial agreement concluded with the future Polish testator. Such a contract of renunciation of inheritance should be concluded in the form of a notarial deed. Failure to comply with this formality will result in the nullity of this contract.

The testator may revoke the effects of the contract of renunciation of inheritance until his death. To do so, he/she must draw up a second will before a notary.

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