What is the Polish Inheritance Register?

What is the Polish Inheritance Register?

The Polish Inheritance Register is a Polish public register, maintained by the National Notary Council in Poland in teleinformatics form.

The purpose of the existence of the Inheritance Register is to prevent, as happens in practice, cases of multiple confirmation of inheritance from the same Polish testator, as well as to facilitate the search by interested persons (for all over the world) for indications of the specific location of the document stating who the heir is, and thus you will be able to accurately determine whether the inheritance has already been settled after a particular person.

It should be emphasized that the Inheritance Register contains only data that allows you to identify the documents confirming the right of inheritance in Poland. And also an indication of where they are located in Poland, while the documentation itself is not placed in it. Thus, it is not possible for an interested person to obtain from the Register a copy of the inheritance document itself. For this purpose, it is necessary to apply to the competent court in Poland that issued it or the notary in Poland who prepared it.

The use of the Inheritance Register is completely free of charge and consists in accessing information about the documents that are registered in it. To do this, you need to fill out an electronic form, in which you need to provide the testator’s „PESEL number” or other data that allows you to identify him. As a response, the system will generate information indicating whether a document stating inheritance rights has been drawn up and where it can be physically found.

A copy of the registered deed of succession or a copy of the court’s order of succession can be issued to the parties to the deed or to persons for whom the deed reserves the right to receive a copy. And also their legal successors, as well as persons who demonstrate their legal interest in it.

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