What is the purpose of the inheritance procedure?

What is the purpose of the inheritance procedure?

The purpose of the procedure for confirming the acquisition of an estate in Poland is to issue a decision confirming the legal succession of the deceased. A court decision to this effect will determine the right of the persons indicated in it to inherit from a particular deceased.

In order to issue such a decision, it will be necessary to prove:

– the death of the testator,
– the existence of a family relationship or a will as sources of entitlement to the estate
sometimes: exclusion of certain persons from the inheritance (due to unworthiness, rejection of the inheritance, death) and appointment of other persons to the inheritance in place of the excluded person
– the absence of other persons entitled to the inheritance.

The mentioned circumstances constitute elements of the factual state necessary for the issuance of a decision, and therefore are of significant importance for the resolution of the case.

A properly conducted procedure to confirm the acquisition of an inheritance under Polish law should be completed at the first hearing. Possible mistakes, when an application is submitted without the help of a Polish lawyer, usually result in delaying the hearing or even prolonging the proceedings.

The passage of time can also lead to evidentiary difficulties, including the death of persons from whom guarantees of succession can be obtained.

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