When does inheritance in Poland pass to the heirs?

When does inheritance in Poland pass to the heirs?

According to Polish law, inheritance in Poland passes from the deceased to his/her heirs at the time of death. This acquisition at the time of death, however, is conditional. The final acquisition of an inheritance depends on the completion of the Certificate of Inheritance and its registration in the Register of Inheritance in Poland.

The certificate of inheritance is intended to be used by heirs, legatees and executors or administrators of the estate.

How does it work?

In Poland, the certificate of inheritance is issued by a notary. However, in Poland, the probate court can also issue a judgment stating who the heir is. A court judgment has the same legal value as an inheritance certificate issued by a notary.

It should be noted that the certificate of inheritance can only be issued by a notary within 6 months after the discovery of the death of the testator. If we exceed this period, the judicial certificate can only be issued by the probate court in Poland.

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Inheritance in Poland