Who should appear at the hearing regarding the acquisition of a Polish inheritance?

Who should appear at the hearing regarding the acquisition of a Polish inheritance?

After reading the article “How does a case proceed in the Polish probate court?”, you might ask yourself: Do I have to be present at the trial in Poland? Sometimes such a question comes from our clients.

Often their “reasons for absence” are very prosaic. There are people who simply feel uncomfortable when they appear in court, or who simply do not want to waste time.

That’s why they hire a Polish lawyer to get things done.

However, I also sometimes handle cases of people permanently residing abroad. The need to appear at the hearing sometimes costs several thousand zlotys. Moreover, even for a person living in Canada, Australia or France, an additional “trip” to Poland also involves an investment of time and money.

In many types of cases, the client’s personal presence at the hearing is necessary to complete the case. However, the situation is a bit different in inheritance cases in Poland.

If you have a problem with a personal appearance at the hearing, your presence is in principle optional. All you need is a Polish lawyer who will represent you and present your case and at least one of the heirs.

So, if at least one of the heirs comes to your hearing, your presence will not be necessary.

It may also happen that none of the heirs can appear in person at the trial. In this situation, there is a solution.

The Polish probate court may decide to ask the heirs to file an estate insurance in the country where they currently reside.

In this case, such insurance can be submitted through the Polish embassy.

Our law firm is specialized in inheritance matters and can expedite the case as much as possible thanks to its experience in cooperating with the authorities and working with interpreters and bailiffs. The cost of legal advice in such a case starts at 200 euros.

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