How long does an inheritance procedure in Poland last?

How long does an inheritance procedure in Poland last?

In order to inherit an estate in Poland, an inheritance procedure must be conducted in a Polish court. Sometimes it is possible to settle the matter at a notary’s office, but when all the heirs cannot or do not want to settle the matter amicably, the only option left is the court.

In order to apply for a declaration of inheritance in Poland, a number of documents must be completed (death certificate, birth certificates of the heirs, marriage certificate, etc.). Some documents, if not written in Polish by the Polish authorities, must be translated by a Polish sworn translator.

With the help of our law firm, the time needed to complete the file for the court is about 7 days. We are able to obtain the necessary civil status certificates from the Polish authorities and translate the documents during this period.

Once the documents are complete, you can apply to the Polish inheritance court. First, the court assigns a file number to the case and then checks whether all the documents have been provided and whether the application has been properly drafted. If there is any doubt, for example about the order of succession, the court may ask the heirs to provide additional details. Such a follow-up procedure may take approximately 1 to 2 months.

In the next step, once everything is clear, the court sets a date for a hearing. Generally, the first hearing is set by the Polish inheritance court within three up to six months from the date of receipt of the application.

The Polish inheritance procedure requires that the case be heard at least once in court. If there is no doubt in the case, the Polish inheritance court renders its judgment at the first hearing.

The judgment is final within 14 days from the date of its announcement provided that neither party appeals.

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