What are the steps to take regarding an inheritance in Poland?

What are the steps to take regarding an inheritance in Poland?

If you have inherited an estate in Poland and you are reading this article, it means that you are wondering what to do next. You can trust us to handle your case. We are a law firm specializing in Polish inheritance law with a cross-border element.

If the deceased was living permanently in Poland before his death, Polish law applies to his estate. Polish law will also apply if the deceased relative had Polish citizenship and a significant part of his or her property (such as some real estate) is located in Poland. Conducting the inheritance proceedings in Poland will speed up the sale of the inherited property and cashing it in.

We provide legal advice and conduct all court proceedings in Poland.

It often happens that the heirs live outside Poland. With our help, they do not have to come to Poland. Everything can be arranged through a lawyer.

We provide a comprehensive service which includes the following activities :
– preparation of legal opinions
– drafting an application for a declaration of inheritance
– representation before the probate court in Poland
– appointing a bailiff in Poland if the location and value of the inherited property is unknown
– blocking the money in bank accounts so that it cannot be paid out by other heirs
– representation in Polish banks
– drawing up an agreement between heirs
– submitting an application for the division of the inheritance
– representation before a Polish court regarding the division of the estate
– drafting of inheritance tax returns in Poland
– representation before the tax office in Poland
– search for heirs and extended family members residing in Poland
– translation of documents from French into Polish.

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